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Stair Risers Can Boost Your Morale

Schools are always looking for a way to effectively message and communicate to their student body the overall message of their education program. Some of that happens in the classroom, some through socialization, but physical marketing is also extremely powerful in communicating the schools principles as well. Doors, walls, poster boards and displays all provide effective communication people can see everyday as they go about the school for their classes. And one feature that just about every school has are stairs. Long thought of just as utilitarian in nature, stairs can also provide an eye-level captive audience tool via murals and imagery. With stair risers your student body can be educated every day just as they walk up and down the stairs to get to and from locations. To find out more about how stair risers can convey effective marketing of your school’s ideas and concepts, give us a call. We’ll craft a specific plan showing how customized messaging can be integrated in your facilities with powerful effect.


Affordable Marketing via Custom Stair Riser Decals


Many organizations worry that when they bring in a marketing imagery firm that custom work is going to cost an arm and a leg and settling for generic imagery is going to be completely disconnected from what the organization is about. So, nothing is done because the entity feels caught between two impossible or unworkable situations. In reality, the facility imagery idea is entirely workable including a customized approach, especially if the facility has stairs integrated in the property. The fact is, every time someone walks up a flight of stairs, they have to look at the stairs in front of them until they arrive at the top. That space, known as the stair riser, can incorporate an image when applied across the entire flight from bottom to top. And the audience is practically a captive one since they have to use the stairs to up to the next floor; it provides the perfect visual space for messaging to be applied. With My Stair Risers your facility can incorporate custom stair riser decals for all kinds of messaging, creating a daily impact. Try it and see what’s possible. You’ll be amazed!

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