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Stair Decals Provide a High Quality Appearance Fix

With today’s printing technology and materials, facility imagery and external-proof labeling is quite possible with high durability, even when exposed to direct sun. That makes for amazing and quick ways the imagery of your building can be geared towards your business’ benefit. Stair decals for example can take a drab external staircase and turn it into an eye-catching mural in a day’s time. And when you garner that kind of street attention, it can produce a very powerful new stream of traffic to what your business does in terms of advertising. How powerful is an image? A memorable visual can literally make a brand; marketers and advertising experts know first-hand the viral power of an image creates a far stronger association with a product or service and sales than simple text alone. So, when you consider the capability of stair decals, don’t just think about the immediate visual impact to your building alone. Think about what kind of message it can send to your potential, new customers as well. To find out what’s possible for your building give My Stair Risers a call or email and we’ll scope out the details specific to your business.


Riser Decals Can be Used to Motivate


One of the most powerful and easy ways to motivate your employees or organization members and make them feel part of something bigger tends to be eye-catching visual messaging. And believe it or not, the most powerful messaging for motivation can happen literally where people work everyday and traffic to and from their offices. For years, motivational posters in hallways and work offices catch people’s eyes because they are seen and read quickly. Even if someone laughs about the poster or makes fun of it, deep down that message resonates because they see it every day at work. Your stairways can have the same impact. A simple visual promoting the workplace or the goals of your organization can quietly produce a mental boost across your workforce with everyone exposed to the image on a daily basis. And that powerful effect can be put in place in less than a day with riser decals professionally placed by My Stair Risers at your facility. Give us a call to find out more.

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